City of Fulton Downtown Revitalization Initiative

The City of Fulton is seeking to develop a vibrant downtown that will attract new business investment, housing and commercial uses. It seeks to use its waterfront along the Oswego River to create a dramatic setting that will capitalize on the natural beauty of the river and to create a livable community.

However, as a traditional manufacturing center, Fulton is seeking to retain its legacy manufacturers and attract investment to them to guarantee their continued competitiveness. We are also seeking to utilize a new local waterfront revitalization plan to create a series of trails which will attract visitors and residents.

We plan to use these trails to expand access to the waterfront and to provide a setting for healthy living. We are seeking to help our anchor educational, medical and cultural institutions to grow and provide sources for employment, medical services and job training.

We want to use these job training activities to address Fulton’s excessive unemployment and poverty rates.  We believe the DRI is the critical financing we need to accomplish all of these goals. The projects in this Plan will create 741 new jobs, retain 448 existing jobs and attract more than $53 million in capital investment.

Click on the link below to download and print more information:

2018 City of Fulton DRI Application Document

2018 City of Fulton Appendices