Lake Neatahwanta Revitalization Project

Lake Neatahwanta Revitalization Project

It's a great lake

Many Fultonians have fond memories of swimming, boating and fishing on Lake Neatahwanta. The 683 -acre Lake is home to Recreation Park and North Bay Campground. However, years of accumulated sediment on the lake bottom have severely limited its recreational use over the past few decades.

That is about to change.

The City of Fulton, in cooperation with the Fulton Community Revitalization Corporation (FCRC), will undertake a comprehensive restoration project to make our lake “great” again. This will include DEC project approval and oversight of a systematic hydraulic dredging schedule that will remove layers of sediment.

The process is expected to begin in fall 2013 and will continue for the next several summers.

FCRC has accepted the lead role in the lake cleanup

The Mayor’s office, in conjunction with the local not-for-profit FCRC (Fulton Community Revitalization Corporation), has accepted the lead role in the lake cleanup. In several meetings dating back to early 2012, the FCRC group inquired about the status of the lake and studies that have been completed. Consistent with its mission in community revitalization, the FCRC group decided it was time to tackle this task and return the lake back to its glory days, providing community recreation and enhance economic development opportunities at our beautiful resource. FCRC changed its articles of incorporation with board approval to include such activities as revitalization of this lake which mirrors the mission FCRC has displayed in neighborhood development. Upon receiving the unanimous approval from local and state courts, the task at hand was on its way to becoming a reality. Now it was time to budget the cleanup and plan a donation campaign. At this time we prepared a letter to local businesses, and major corporations around Oswego County. This letter gave important information and the goals associated with phase 1 of the cleanup. One of the first commitments we received was from Senator Patty Ritchie’s office designating $100,000 of a $250,000 reimbursement grant allocation deemed to be administered through Oswego County Soil and Water to help with the lake cleanup. We were thrilled to accept this commitment, and now realized that we had enough with those funds to start the dredging; now we needed to focus on raising enough funds to complete the sampling which was estimated at $25,000. FCRC made a donation drive to local businesses ,that included the likes of Fulton Savings Bank, Fulton Lions Club, just to name a few and raised over $28,000 to secure these samples.

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Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Public Input Summary (From December 13, 2016 Public Information Meeting)

Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Public Input Summary (From December 13, 2016 Public Information Meeting and Mailed In Comments)


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