City of Fulton Local Waterfront Revitalization Program

The LWRP is a voluntary, grass-roots effort that brings together local and state governments, commerce and industry, environmental interests, private organizations, and community citizens to assess current opportunities and constraints and to build a consensus on the desired future of the community’s waterfront. More importantly, the LWRP provides a strategy for achieving that vision and for managing local resources. Decision makers will then be able to respond with increased knowledge and purpose to future events affecting their waterfront area and to actively pursue an agreed-upon program.

One of the components of such programs is the identification of long-term uses along the waterfront and specific projects for implementation. These uses and projects, in conjunction with an established management program, can significantly increase a community's ability to attract development activities that will take best advantage of the unique cultural and natural characteristics of their waterfront.

The LWRP also serves to enhance the conservation and protection of natural resources. As such, the LWRP represents a balance between economic development and environmental protection that permits the beneficial use of waterfront resources, while preventing the loss of valuable resources and public access opportunities to the waterfront. Once the LWRP is approved by the NYS Secretary of State, the community has the local controls in place to guide waterfront development and the legal ability to ensure that all proposed actions for their waterfront are consistent with the LWRP. This "consistency" provision is a strong tool that assures that State and local governments work in unison to build a stronger economy and a healthier waterfront environment.

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LWRP Information Document

LWRP Questionnaire

LWRP Public Input Summary