Press Release | City of Fulton Reveals Video to Promote Downtown Revitalization

Fulton Presents DRI application to Central New York Regional Economic Development Council

City of Fulton officials today unveiled a video designed to promote public and private sector downtown revitalization projects.  The 1:51 minute video was first aired at the Tech Garden in Syracuse during the city's presentation of its Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) grant application hosted by the  CNY Regional Economic Development Council (CNY REDC). Communities applying for the DRI were invited by CNY REDC to present their plans in an effort to determine which community out of the five-county region receives the $10 million award.  This is a highly competitive grant process and only one community is awarded within the Central New York region.

Fulton's plan this year details $90 million of past investments, while introducing a new, transformative list of projects that would provide over $60 million of investment with a potential to create 571 new jobs and retain 495 jobs if the DRI is awarded.  Job creation, small business investment, and a more accessible downtown is this year's blueprint for success.

"Fulton has a story to tell and the application sets forth an impressive plan for revitalization and job creation.  The video was a new tool this year that enabled Fulton to quickly showcase its impressive story to the state and others.  The video speaks volumes about the projects and the individuals behind them who wish to invest in our community and bring positive changes to downtown," said Fulton Community Development Agency Director Joe Fiumara.

"The grant from the state would be transformative.  It would accelerate downtown's revitalization and help bring new life to our city," said Mayor Ron Woodward.  "We are proud of the application that was submitted and the investments being made in downtown. In addition, I am pleased to have a promotional tool to help the public understand what is underfoot and encourage additional investments.  It's all positive news for our city and inspiring to see."

"The city's DRI application has strong and diverse projects that coincide with both county and regional economic development initiatives.  We were thankful for the opportunity to present at the Tech Gardens today and include the new video as part of that presentation that helps showcase the individuals, diversity, and talent behind the projects in the plan," said Marie Mankiewicz, a DRI team member and presenter at the Tech Gardens.

"We have been a part of the downtown dining scene in Fulton for several years and we love what we do.  Our restaurant has been able to add to the culture and experience of downtown and we were proud to be included in this important project to spur more investments for the city of Fulton," said owners and operators of Blue Moon Grill, a downtown restaurant, Karen and Bill Hubel.

Local businesses, community groups, and residents were recently invited to attend a public input meeting regarding the DRI in May and asked to submit ideas on how Fulton can improve its city and particularly, its downtown.  More than 200 residents and business owners submitted ideas for this year's plan, some of which were included in this year's DRI application. The plan was submitted to the state on May 31.

The city's 2019 submission built on recent successes including obtaining nearly $1 million in state funding for trail development along the Oswego River and CNY Arts Center opening its doors in April 2019 after securing donations and state grants.  Both were proposed in the city's previous DRI applications. Other successes highlighted in the plan include the ongoing development of the Nestle site, Oswego Health investments, housing developments, and small business investments that are creating jobs.